About Us

Kentucky Bourbon Direct was created to assist Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Producers, and Brands more efficiently enter into the Direct to Consumer (D to C) marketplace.

Our intentions are to help keep Bourbon Production Jobs in Kentucky and curate products that fit well into the DTC space.

Our services are a culmination of the needs that we have identified to enter the DTC marketplace that does not involve a hybridization of wholesalers and/or middlemen, thus keeping the profit margins intact.

Our job is to streamline the necessary functions to be successful in the DTC space: E-commerce Platform, warehousing/fulfillment, packaging/shipping, and compliance.

Despite the fact that the initial markets that allow for DTC sales is currently limited (KY, AK, AZ, ND, NE, NH, and Washington DC), it is a market that will continue to grow as evidenced by the wine industry over the last 15 years.

Getting into this space NOW only makes adding additional states as they adopt reciprocity becomes turnkey.