“Giving suppliers the ability to get products directly into consumers’ hands is a monumental shift in the industry, we here at Coors Spirits Co are grateful to have KBD guiding us through this new avenue of selling and are excited to see our products in the hands of consumers who otherwise wouldn’t have access.”

Trey Wade  – Blue Run Spirits

They are the only DTC outfit that I feel confident in sending clients to talk more about what the options are. I feel comfortable and confident working with KBD because of their attention to detail, but also to the laws and regulations in Kentucky and the states they ship to. With so much grey area in the DTC marketplace, KBD is doing an outstanding job navigating the nuances and rules to ensure an above-board, fully compliant, direct-to-consumer marketplace. I’m excited to see a group that I can trust is doing the right thing from the start.

Charlie Curtz – Amber and Oak

“We have really appreciated working with Kentucky Bourbon Direct to assist us in creating a DtC strategy. They offer a turnkey solution of handling and providing resources to handle licensing, compliance, reporting, packaging, fulfillment and shipping so we can concentrate on production and branding. We look forward to growing with them as the market expands.”

Ryan Edwards, Founder and President

Augusta Distillery

Our company has worked with a number of DTC shipping companies, but Kentucky Bourbon Direct has been by far the best. They run a fantastic full-service operation that makes sure producers are covered on POS, fulfillment, shipping, and perhaps most importantly, in terms of compliance.  

As DTC shipping expands into different states, having a partner like Kentucky Bourbon Direct offers our company the assurance that we’re best positioned to take advantage of these growing market opportunities.”

President J. Mattingly 1845

“Third-party fulfillment enables distilleries like Peerless to legally, compliantly and efficiently ship our award-winning product directly to consumers in reciprocal states. The peace of mind Kentucky Bourbon Direct provides is truly transformational for us as it allows their fulfillment experts to play to their strength of securely and cost-effectively shipping our products to consumers. The in-person tour of their facility gave us supreme confidence on their expertise given their roster of world class clients we witnessed them ship first hand.”

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.

“Working with Phillip and Johnny, Kentucky Bourbon Direct has been an enjoyable experience for both my company and our brands. Their effective communication and “figure it out” mentality have allowed both entities to grow and become profitable in a short amount of time. With E-Commerce/DTC continuing to evolve in the marketplace, they strive to stay current on both in-state and out-of-state compliance, as well as, meeting the fulfillment and shipping demands of their logistic partners.   Avalon Spirits looks forward to the future working with KBD.”

Jeremy Dever Vice President of Operations, Avalon Spirits and Industry Consultant