Limestone Farms Small Batch


A super-premium bourbon from mature barrels, expertly crafted and blended to showcase a superior flavor profile. Always full-bodied and higher proof, our Select Batch highlights the original limestone filtered water whiskey down its time-laden, wooden journey.

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118 proof

Savor the sophisticated taste of our Small Batch Bourbon, expertly crafted and blended to perfection. Our super-premium bourbon is carefully matured in the finest barrels, allowing its superior flavor profile to shine through. The original limestone filtered water used in the distillation process gives the whiskey a distinct taste that only improves as it ages in the finest American oak barrels.


Nose:  Deeper and darker, big but round invitation to taste

Palate:  Spices and woodsy earth undertones showcasing rich layers and plush stone fruits

Finish:  Broad and long, never muddled, yet clean and delineated


Proof (varies by batch):  112-120+

Mash Bill: 78% Corn/13% Rye/9% Malted Barley

Barrel:  American White Oak

Entry Proof:  115

Aged:  9 years